Are you a loser? What do you do that winners don’t?

May 29th, 2007 | 1 Comment |

I think the more appropriate phrase should be along lines of, “Winners do what losers don’t.” Successful people are willing to do what the unsuccessful were unwilling to do. How many times have you personally come accross a business or an opportunity¬†that you knew would be profitable and successful, but lacked the courage to invest the money or to step into the unknown? I can tell you what….you are not alone in that. About 90% of the population lacks the courage to move forward without fear or doubt. Infact, most successful entrepreneurs are driven by something else. They are driven by their ambition, not their fear of failure. The moment that your ambition and your drive drowns out your fear of failure, then you are on your way.

Let’s see…what do the successful do that the unsuccessful don’t? Most successful people make decisions quickly, and change their minds slowly. Instead of allowing the one thing that will hinder their progress to come in, they act. That one thing is fear. That word keeps lingering in. Fear will destroy any dream.

Most successful people are in the office working, even when they don’t feel up to it. It is consistency that brings results in any endeavor. Do you think that Michael Jordan made it to the NBA off of pure talent? No! He had to work at it every day. He had to practice and practice. If you haven’t, you should pick up one of his books a read it. MJ was the best because of his choice to be consistent at making himself better.

Most successful people were just one difficult decision away from breaking free into success. But yet, they move forward. They gather the facts, overcome any pride or doubt, and put one foot in front of the other. I would bet that every single person in this entire world is faced with a decision that will change their lives forever, for the better, but fails to make a decision based on a current circumstance they happened to be going through. How are things ever going to change if you don’t allow them to. Things will always come up that will stand in your way. That is life. But the ones who win, and succeed, are the ones that can decide to press forward through all of the dust into fresh air.

What? This business costs money to start? YES! Tell me now. How does that make you feel. Are you ready to run? Of course a business will cost money. That is a good thing. That usually means that someone is making money from it. And in the business I will teach you, that person is you! If you come accross a business that is free to start….run. You will not make any real money. To be successful, be prepared to invest money into yourself. If you are afraid to invest then it’s simple what¬†the problem is. The business in not the problem… just don’t believe in yourself!

To sum it all up, winners are winners because of the things they do. Losers will be losers because of what they chose not to do. So you see, life is a choice. You either choose to do or choose not to do. That my friend, will determine who you are. Everyone is born a winner. You choose what you become from that point on!

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