A Trip to Telluride Colorado

October 13th, 2010 | No Comments |

TellurideTip of the day: When you are feeling a little poverty conscious, when thoughts of doubt about your financial future enter your mind frequently and things just don’t quite seem to be going your way, JUST LEAVE! Seriously, pack your suite case, get in the car and go somewhere that makes you feel good and prosperous. Get the heck out of Mayberry and go to a place where things are happening and the atmosphere is breath taking.

Spend the money it will take to get you there. It will be worth it!

Seriously though…..think about the most successful people you know. And if the most successful person you know is your best friends cousin Daryl, who won $1000 in the lottery once, think of the most successful person you know of…..a businessman, actor or athlete. Where do they hang out all the time? Do they stay in one spot?

NO! Successful people are on the move. Think about it, if you had all the money in the world and you started having feelings of doubt about your success, would you sit there and entertain that thought?

NO! You’d get up and replace that thought with a prosperous thought. And one of the best ways to do that is to have plenty of prosperous thoughts to replace it with.

Visiting Telluride Colorado gave me a dozen or more thoughts of prosperity! The waterfall, the cliffs, the Aspen trees in the fall and the snow tipped peaks were amazing. The town was busting with business and the weather was perfect. If I was having any thoughts of doubt or discouragement before I came here, believe me, they are gone. They’re insignificant now!

You see, there is a constant battle going on inside your head. The majority wants control and the majority is poverty, or averageness. Not even positive if averageness is a word, but it wants control, because everything in the world is pointing you in that direction. You’ve got to have some ammo to fight off the intruders. That ammo for me, today, was all I witnessed in Telluride.

If you haven’t been somewhere in a while, plan a trip. Not just to your mom’s house in the home town you came from, but to a place you have never been to before…a place that will inspire you. Take some pictures and record some video. Take your most favorite people in the world with you. Create some memories. It will be well worth it for you personally, and for your business. I promise!

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