A Quick Way to Double Your Adsense Revenue

August 12th, 2011 | No Comments |

This is just a quick post to show you how to double your Adsense revenue on your site or blog. It’s simply a mixture of the type of ads your audience would respond to and the location of the ads.Types of ads would be images or text ads.

I Added a New Sidebar

I just recently started using Adsense on this blog again and wasn’t getting terrific results until I moved them. They used to be on the right side of this post, in the sidebar. Well, in doing my research, most people gravitate to the left side of the blog and are more likely to click on something there. So I added another sidebar to the left of my blog and put an image ad there that is 160×600.

Keep Ads Above the Fold

The next thing to consider is placing the ads above the fold of your site. They’ll get viewed more, which equals more clicks. And what I mean by the “fold,” is when you visit a web page, everything you can see immediately after landing on the page is above the fold. By scrolling down, you will see everything below the fold. It’s also a great idea to put your most valuable content/links above the fold as well. Most people are drive-by shoppers. You have very little time to captivate their attention. So I added an ad unit above my content, just below my navigation bar. That ad unit shows a mixture of images and text ads and is 728×90.

Add Below Each Post

Lastly, I added an ad unit just below each post. If the ad is relevant to the post, it gets clicked often. The size of that ad is a 468×60.

On this site, image ads seem to perform the best. Not sure why. You’ll just have to experiment to see which ones do best on your site.

So there you have it. Those few simple changes doubled, almost tripled my Adsense revenue. To simplify things even further, clicks will decrease as you start at the top left corner and move diagonally to the bottom right. The top left side of your site will almost always get the most clicks.

I’d be interested to know tips and tricks that have worked for you as well.

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