A Pine amongst the Junipers!

January 5th, 2008 | 1 Comment |

Have you ever heard of the metaphor of the cows and Rhinos? Or maybe a more familiar term would be an employee or an entrepreneur? Whatever it might be, the comparison between the two is what i would like you to take a look at. What do cows do? They follow the leader, they stay within the fence, they graze all day and are content with that life. Rhinos on the other hand are the opposite, they are leaders, they stray away from the heard, they are independent, they are free and wild animals.

Employees are the same as cows in most circumstances. They are told what to do, kept within boundaries, follow the leader, and most of the time,feel they are stuck and may be content with that kind of a life. Entrepreneurs on the other hand, complete opposite. Anyway, you get the point. Cows may want to be Rhinos, but they can’t, because they are cows. People, on the other hand, are not creatures of habit. You can do whatever you want. That is what makes us special and unique.

Take a look at this picture. I would like to use this as an example of my point. Look at this Ponderosa Pine in the midst of pine-in-the-junipers.bmpall the Juniper trees. Do you see how the Pine is trying to fit in. It knows it should be growing huge and tall but wants to look like the rest of the trees it is surrounded with. So instead it is getting wider instead of taller like it should.

Now, look at the┬ápotential of the Ponderosa Pine. It is one of the largest trees in the forest. I have seen them grow to widths of 6-8 feet growing over 80 feet tall, yet, this one tree living amongst the Junipers is barely 30 ft tall. It goes to prove, if you hang around the Junipers, you will become a Juniper. If you hang around the Ponderosa Pines, you will reach your full potential. You become who you hang around with. If you desire to be wealthy and successful, hang around those that are wealthy and successful. It isn’t rocket science folks. Get out of the limiting environment you may be in, get into a business opportunity ponderosa.jpgand be mentored by those who are what you want to become. Start living your life the way you want to live it. Realize what your full potential is and take action.

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