A little validation goes a long way

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Validation goes a long wayToday I’d like to share with you a simple tactic that will not only help you in building a larger team, but will also help your individual team members know that they’re not alone. It’s not really a tactic, it’s just something all of us should do, and many of you probably already do this on your training calls and webinars. It’s simply validation.

Validation means to make valid, substantiate or confirm. So when I talk about validation, it’s simply confirming someone’s decision to get started with you in your business and recognizing them for something they can be proud of.

Why a little validation goes a long way?

Simply validating, or recognizing someone on your team can make a huge difference in their business. For some, recognition can turn into a small fire of fuel behind their future success. It does something to a person to be noticed for the actions they’re taking. It helps them to confirm to their own self that their choices up to this point have been validated by someone who they consider to be an authority figure. And whether you believe it or not, if you’ve ever signed up anyone, even if it’s just one person, into your opportunity, then you are their direct authority figure.

So recognition from you on a public platform can mean the world of difference to someone who may be struggling with validating their recent decision to get started with you.

Why is that? Why does recognition help move people forward?

If you think about it, it’s simple really. Let’s say, for example, you’re on a team training call. During this call, you start talking about the international aspect of your opportunity and mention a person who has recently signed up who is from a different country. You give them a short welcome, sort of like a “shout out,” and continue on with your call.

I can tell you this, when someone who just got started, or who is struggling in their business, gets a little recognition or validation for their efforts, especially when they least expect it, they’ll start to realize that you’re paying attention. And when someone knows that their “authority figure” or “mentor” is paying attention to what they’re doing, then they start to feel your expectations for them. It’s a temporary boost in ambition.

Sometimes if others can’t motivate themselves, simple validation or recognition can provide that temporary motivation until they can provide it for themselves.

A little validation or recognition also helps those you have signed up feel included and part of the team. When I joined my first network marketing company, even though I wouldn’t admit it, I wanted to feel like I was contributing to my teams success. I wanted to be recognized as a leader. And I don’t care who you are or what you say, everyone wants a little recognition. Whether it’s from their family or while standing on stage in front of their entire company. To be recognized translates into getting results.

A little validation can also increase your upselling income.

If you’re part of an opportunity that has an inexpensive base product connected to more expensive products your team can upgrade to, then a little validation can increase your upselling income as well. As the leader on your team, you can’t expect anyone you sign up to do something that you have not done yourself. So naturally, you’ll want to purchase every single product you can. You do this to show your leadership, and your team knows this. They know that you’re playing “All Out” in your business. So from this imaginary, yet realistic platform you’re standing on, when you recognize someone on your team, they’ll have a desire to follow your example. They’ll step up their game in order to be included in the inner circle of people that are also playing “All Out.” Thus, more upsells.

In conclusion, take the time to recognize the people on your team who deserve recognition. Even if it’s something extremely minute, simply mentioning their name on a public platform can mean the world of difference to them. Heck, from my experience, you don’t even have to call them by name. When you’re thinking about a specific person, the right words will come out and sometimes they’ll just know that you’re talking about them.

A little validation goes along way when building a team of leaders who recognize and celebrate each others wins. Make it a habit in your business and you’ll see a huge difference in duplication and higher product sales.

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