A Knights Tale – Can You Change Your Stars?

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Change your starsI am just a movie nut! I love movies. I don’t care much for the TV series type of shows but do enjoy a good action flick or a comedy from time to time. Netflix loves me!

A Knights Tale – Can You Change Your Stars?

Have you ever seen the movie “A Knights Tale” with Heath Ledger? Such a good show. It mixes the old with the new and has a pretty cool twist to it. But I am not writing this to be a critic, instead I would like to point something out that can be of great use. In the movie, Heath Ledger or William, is a commoner. Or in other words, or modern day terms, someone who is average. His Father wanted more for him in life instead of what little he could give him. So he sent him away with a Knight to learn as much as he possibly could and that one day, just maybe, he might be able to “change his stars” and find his way home!

So let’s take a closer look at what “changing your stars” means. Take a look around you. Especially if you have a job, take a look around you at the people you work with. How many people in the world are just like them? I would say that 90% of them. So I guess we could make a comparison to them and William. Just regular people. Each one is special and unique and has a ton of potential, but living common or average. Why? That’s just the way things are, right? Well, William wasn’t content with that. He knew in his heart that he was a knight and he did everything in his power to act the part, play the part, and be the part until one day, he was knighted by the prince of England. He was knighted because of his will and ambition to be a knight. To him, he was not average. Being average would be selling himself short and never reaching his full potential.

So he “changed his stars.” He became something that most people thought could never happen. Why? Because he believed in himself and because he believed in himself, he had people who would do anything for him and would follow him to the end. He was a leader.

What would this world be like if everyone was just average? You would get a boring, poverty stricken world with very little hope. The world needs people like William….people that strive to become all that they are made to be. The world deserves people like that.

Did my family and friends ridicule me for my decision to start a home based business? Absolutely! Why? They did it because they just didn’t believe that it could happen. They didn’t believe that a commoner such as myself, coming from a family line of commoners, could actually create a ton of success in a home business.Well, I have “changed the stars” for my family line from this time forward. Anything is possible.

There are always 99 out of 100 people that will tell you that you can’t. But the only opinion that matters is the 100th one….and that is YOU! Change your stars! Become great.

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