9 Things I Have Learned – Wisdom from the Wise

November 14th, 2012 | No Comments |

Recently I received some priceless advice from an Uncle of mine, who in turn received it from a highly respected friend of his. His friend had recently been involved in an accident and passed away. The month prior to his passing, he and his wife celebrated their 50th anniversary and at that time, he shared, “Nine Things I Have Learned,” with his family.

So just as my uncle was impressed to share this nine things with me, I now share them with you.

  1. It takes hard work to support a family.
  2. Every person has some good in them.
  3. It is not my place to condemn others.
  4. For me, true happiness has come whenever I follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  5. Men and women are different and the best marriage is when the man does what the woman wants. (when righteous)
  6. No one makes you mad.
  7. You can choose your actions but you cannot choose your consequences.
  8. Happiness does not come from things.
  9. Your life is what you make of it.

What great advice! From the past 50 years of his life, these are the nine most important things he decided to share with his family, the ones he cared for the most. I wonder how much thought he put into this short, but powerful list in preparation for that day.

So just as anything in life, you can choose to apply these principles into creating success in your life and marriage, or you can just brush it off. You can act like you know it all, or humble yourself and listen to the words of someone who knew. It’s up to you.

For the next nine blog posts on CFW, I’ll be expanding a bit on each one of these points, to the best of my experience.

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