Why struggle when you can go straight to the finish line?

January 18th, 2007 | No Comments |

In the business that I am in we hold various conferences around the world. These conferences are held in the most exotic places of the world. Just recently we’ve been invited to a conference held in Cancun at the Moon Palace Resort. Let me tell you, these events are top notch. We always stay at 5 star resorts that make the occasion unforgettable. This will be our second trip to Cancun within the last 12 months with a trip to Hawaii in between there.

Anyway, before I slip into Lalla Land, let me get to the point I want to make. Before every event the company that sponsors these events sends us a package in the mail. Inside this package is an official letter and invitation to the event. Always included with this invitation are luggage tags. Since Amy and I are both going we received four of them. Now, each event that takes place has a different style of luggage tag. Well, this time, the tags were made in China. They all may be but this time it had those words right there in plain view. This is what they look like….


The issue was that one end of the cord would not fit through one of the metal plates. This created a huge problem as the side that needed to fit through in order to make it work was the larger side. The larger side screws into the other side. To make a long story short, I thought that there had to be some kind of a trick to the whole thing. It had to be some kind of puzzle to figure out….some kind of Chinese trick. So I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure this out. Well, my wife got tired of watching me get frustrated and struggle as I was. She got up, walked into the hallway, came back with a drill and drilled the holes big enough to fit both sides through. The End!

I started thinking to myself and she was on the same track. How many people do this in their lives and in their business? It happens all the time in the industry that I am in, Direct Sales. Instead of going straight to the end and get the result they want, they choose to struggle by trying to find a cooler or better way. I knew a solution to the problem I was faced with but still chose to struggle. I wanted to figure it out just to say I could.

I am in the business of creating Millionaires through Personal Development and Network Marketing. I compare this business to a franchise, but without all the investments and fees. Franchising has a high success rate, as we do, mostly because of two reasons: They have an established business model and a system to follow. Instead of guesswork, a system. That is very important in being successful in business.

The business I teach others is proven and works, but some, instead of going to the end result, choose to struggle. Don’t be a victim of this. When the solution presents itself, take it. Don’t try to find a better way. Just do what produces the results. We have the system there to be our paved road to success. We have the vehicle and even a pilot car to lead the way. Leaders have gone before and have proven this business and it’s simple marketing plan. Just do the thing, have the results and do the obvious.

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