7 Ways to Show Recognition to the People in Your Life

January 16th, 2019 | Comments Off on 7 Ways to Show Recognition to the People in Your Life |

Some of the people in your life work hard to make sacrifices for you. That could involve staying up late to talk to you about your divorce or sharing the last piece of cheesecake to listen about your bad day at work. While they know you appreciate them, it’s nice to show it in other ways. Here are some tips to show some appreciation to the loved ones in your life. This list of ideas is perfect for children, friends, employees, family members, and strangers.

Write a Handwritten Note

The best way to show recognition is with a handwritten note. While a typed note is a quick way to congratulate someone on a good job, the receiver will skim over it and throw it in the bin. If you take the time to write a thoughtful and considerate note, they’ll notice the time you took in showing some recognition. To make it even more personal, leaving a beautiful greeting card on their desk or mirror will provide a pleasant surprise. This will increase the chance they will read your message.

Make a Small Gesture

A small gesture is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and effort. Allow them to take a break from doing chores or to sleep in. When it comes to their homework, offer to help them out. You’ll want to make sure that you understand it, of course. This little gesture involves little effort, but it reduces the burden for them and makes their day a little easier. Plus, they’ll recognize that you appreciate them.

Give Out Awards

There are awards for academics, ballet, bowling, car shows, culinary arts, dance, gymnastics, and other activities. It may sound ridiculous, but you could hold an awards ceremony for the friends and loved ones in your life. You could order custom awards and give them to winners in each of these categories. It’s a great way to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. They can also win awards for “best smile,” “friendly attitude,” and “coolest style.”

Offer Public Praise

Some people love to know that they’re doing a good job with their academics or hobbies. It feels even better to hear it from their friends or loved ones. Find opportunities to offer little compliments at practice, recitals, and other occasions. Other people will be more likely to chime in as well, increasing the recipient’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Encourage Their Hobbies

Since they worked so hard with their hobbies and interests, it’s important that you take the time to recognize their efforts. Show your friends, family members, and loved ones your support and appreciation by encouraging their hobbies on a regular basis. This can involve showing up to their big game and cheering them on. If they’re a designer, you can wear the T-shirt they designed and advertise it around town.

Celebrate the Milestone

Birthdays and holidays shouldn’t be the only days that you celebrate the people who are the most important to you. Milestones like the first day of school, graduations, wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, getting engaged, buying a new home, and welcoming a new baby are all important milestones to celebrate. Your friends and loved ones may not like the attention, but they like it when others remember and say “congratulations” or “good luck!”

Give them a Small Gift

A lagniappe is a small gift that’s inexpensive. Some great examples include a bracelet, a box of chocolates, or a houseplant. You don’t even have to spend money on such a gift. Sometimes all it takes is a smiley face on a Post-It note, a hand-drawn photo, or an origami decoration to make them smile. It’s an easy and affordable way to show someone that you appreciate them. Place them on your loved one’s front door or desk when they do well on a test or they’re having a bad day.

This list should inspire you to show some appreciation to your loved ones. Sometimes they don’t realize that you do appreciate them. If nothing else works, then sending them a gift basket is a great way to show them you care. It’ll surely bring a smile on their face. Try getting them a gift basket that includes their favorite treats and everyday products to make them feel special.

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