3 Free Apps You Can Make Money With

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Make money with your cell phoneThere’s nothing like getting something for free and being able to turn that something into ongoing profits. With the way technology and the online world have been going, things are moving more and more to mobile applications.

As you know, you can search the Apple Store, Google Play and other sites with an app market.

3 Common Free Apps You Can Make Money With

Before I list the apps I have used to make some mula with, know that it is a whole lot easier to make money if you have a product of your own to offer. That product can be a digital or virtual product, or something tangible that can be shipped. An example of a virtual product would be website design, a digital product would be an app, digital book download or something similar.

Now, on to the apps that you can make money with. Don’t be disappointed, but these apps/websites have proven consistent in generating income.


Make money with facebook yard sale groupsThere are ways to promote pretty much anything on Facebook without having to pay for advertising. Just an example, we have made good money by using our local Facebook yard sale groups. I know people that are full time yard sellers who find valuable things at regular yard sales and flip the items they find on a yard sale group via Facebook, and for a healthy profit.

If you make your own crafts or products, Facebook groups are the perfect place to offer those products. Some of the groups can get specialized, such as “Guns and Ammo” and “Women Only or Men Only.”


There’s nothing that sells better than a nicely done, short video or a good high quality picture. If you can create interesting, informative or entertaining content on Instagram, you’ll be able to create quite a following. And when you’re just starting out, you can piggy back off the shoulders of those who do have the big following.

One tactic marketers use are sponsored posts. The way it works is, you contact someone with a large following, offer them some money to post something for you, they’ll post it. Easy. At times, some Instagram users don’t want to keep your content up on their accounts long term, which is okay. Set a time period, such as a day, and let them take it down. For the most part, most content dies down in views after the first day anyway.


Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that Pinterest is only for women. It’s a powerful tool for both men and women to grow your revenue streams.

The first step to creating income on Pinterest is by converting your account to a business account. With a business account, you’ll have access to analytics and promoted pins. So as you pin regularly, you’ll be able to see which of those pins are becoming the most popular, and promote those pins even more, or promote pins you’d like to get more exposure to. If you’re looking to promote a product, make sure your pin links back to your product page.

If you run an ecommerce site with a major brand such as Magneto or BigCommerce, you can also get involved with Buyable Pins.

In closing, generating an income online really isn’t that difficult with the right product being promoted to the right crowd. The apps I listed above are some of the most common free apps you can make money with, without getting into network marketing or something similar.

If you have found other apps that you can make money with, please leave a comment below and share your knowledge!

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