10 Philosophies of the Ant!

September 23rd, 2008 | 1 Comment |

I attribute my knowledge of this philosophy to the one and only Jim Rohn. I am sure this analogy has been around for some time now. What a visionary he truly is and what an entrepreneur. I guess it makes complete sense that in order to effectively teach people to become entrepreneur minded, you must know what you are teaching about. True knowledge comes from doing and doing creates results. What better way is there to gain a perfect knowledge than experience?

So on behalf of Entrepreneurialism, I bring you the 10 philosophies of the ant. What better way to understand, than by analogy. Some of my most respected mentors and role models have always taught by story. The relation between philosophy and real life stories embed principle and trigger memory to recall those principles because they are tied to those stories. So that sometime down the road of life, one might be going through a similar situation and remember the principle. How valuable is that?

So here are the 10 philosophies of the Ant:

    1. Hard work always pays off.
    2. Know your objective, or the task at hand and do just that.
    3. Never quit. If an obstacle arises, find a way around, over, under or just go through it.
    4. Take shelter in a storm and dodge the bullies with magnifying glasses.
    5. Selfless service. When you assist others in getting what they want, you will get what you want!
    6. Remain loyal and honest. True depth in any business comes from respect and a good name.
    7. Prepare for Winter while it is Summer.
    8. Think of Summer while it is Winter.
    9. Strength comes in numbers.
    10. Never say Die!

The list could probably be longer but 10 will suffice for now. I will expound on each of these philosophies in the next 10 articles and will relate each to a principle vital to the success of any entrepreneur. Now that I think of it, luck could be number 11, but I think luck has such a small part in success. Either you want it, or you don’t! That is my philosophy.

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