10 Attributes that Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

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Successful EntrepreneursHave you ever wondered how the innovators of business become so successful? It isn’t all about money and connections that make the Steve Jobs, Richard Branson’s, and Donald Trumps of the business world special? Howard Stevenson from Harvard Business School describes these traits as the “pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Through a pursuit of passion, with integrity, each of these business leaders changes the world.

Do you have what it takes to open a door and change your stars?

10 Attributes Successful Entrepreneurs Possess


One of the qualities that make up the most powerful entrepreneurs is passion, people who find their desire to change business with their own niche. Most people know the story of Steve Wozniak and Jobs starting Apple computers in their garage, but it is their passion that drove Apple to be one of the most powerful technological developers in the world.  While Wozniak and Jobs are no longer part of the organizational make up of Apple, their passion still drives the company and its new class of idea makers.


Passion launches the commitment of those involved in creating a new path. New ideas are a good place to start but leaders and organizers must have the commitment to stick with the plan and keep going, even in the lean times. When you find what makes you strong, commit yourself to that aspect of yourself and your business. Follow up constantly, focus on customer service, stay connected to your product, and show your commitment every chance you get.

Positive Attitude

As you get started on your new idea, you need to be positive about your position in the industry, about the changes you can make, and how you can be the next big product or service everyone needs. When the first programmer started to work on creating the internet, he did so with a light in his eyes, exploding with confidence and a positive outlook for
what he was creating. You need that same positive energy. Your new idea can and will change the world. You can make a difference, keep that hunger and energy burning strong in your heart and soul as you challenge those around you, and it will become infectious.


One aspect of every entrepreneurs job is to present their idea to others. In doing this, they must exhibit unquestionable, undeniable integrity. Imagine if Steve Jobs held up his first iPod and showed no confidence or knowledge about the product. What if during the presentation he hemmed and hawed over the numbers, the specifications, or the technology? If this had happened, the world of music would not be downloaded on millions of user’s iPods, iPads, and iPhones. This knowledge and confidence in your product will launch your integrity and trustworthiness among investors and future customers.


Everyone who ever had a new idea was laughed at by someone. The trick to surviving the critics, doubters, and haters is fortitude. Part of being the next big name or creating the newest product is having the fortitude to survive. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. The business world will eat you up and spit you out if you are not strong enough to
handle it all. As Donald Trump says, Passion gives you the intestinal fortitude you need to never give up.


Simply put, the modern entrepreneur is resourceful and creative. There is a solution and challenge around every corner. You need to develop your own peer network within the industry, be competitive, know when to ask for help, all while having a solid ethical base. Your resourcefulness will determine where you turn for assistance, guidance, and knowledge.

Team Skills

No matter how much passion, talent, or connections you need to be able to work with other people. Team building is essential to being a strong entrepreneur and creating something new. With the strength and collaboration of others, you can grow and expand your plan beyond the blueprints in your mind. Make a point of being able to work with others.
This will expand your skills and reach within the industry you are attempting to break into. Your team is your peer network and they will help launch your concept as you work together.


Through all that you know and can do, sometimes you need to be able to adapt and accept change. The growing global market accepts new ideas from people who can adapt and move with the flow of an international marketplace. How you acclimate in the face of adversity or uncertainty exhibits your resourcefulness and fortitude.

Negotiation Skills

No is a word you want to leave behind with other people’s businesses. As an entrepreneur, you want to be a master negotiator while you explore the possibilities of compromise, team work, and partnerships. The innovator works with others to develop new ideas to create and negotiate a yes from those you will contract with to turn designs into success.


Every entrepreneur who ever broke the rules of their industry was willing. They were willing to fail, willing to compete, willing to open new doors and minds. Through their willingness, they found who they were and what being an  entrepreneur meant.

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