Wordpress Website Setup

Here are your step by step instruction on setting up your "self-hosted," WordPress site. Understand, these instructions are very simply worded. If you already know most of these terms, you may roll your eyes a few times while following these instructions. If you don't know them, this will be a crash course in setting up a website.

Step 1: Choose a domain name. Now this is important. This will be the name your site will be known by. This is the address everyone will go to when they visit your site. This will be www.yourdomainname.com. If you could pick the one topic you were most passionate about, this is one area we will apply it. Choose a domain that is just two or three words and includes terms you would like to be found for or noticed for.

For example, I teach people how to create financial wealth from home, thus my domain is CreateFinancialWealth.com. I also have an up and coming product called Do It Yourself SEO, so my domain is DitySeo.com. Your domain name is a brand your site will be known by. The one you pick will be the one forever. You shouldn't ever change it.

Step 2: Purchase your new domain name and hosting account. There are two major parts to a website, a domain name and hosting. Hosting is simple space on a computer that is connected to the internet. Yes, you need it to have a website.

To purchase a domain name and hosting for your new website, click on the banner below. For the best pricing and for search engine reasons, I would recommend purchasing at least a year of hosting and a minimum of two years for your domain. Click on the banner below to get started!


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