Time Freedom

Question: Are you one of the millions of people that have a 70 hour work week or more? Are you a business owner that has basically created yourself another 70+ hour per week job? Are you someone who has money but no time to enjoy it or are you someone who has neither time or money and would like to have the best of both worlds?

Whatever your walk of life, you are in the right place!

Time Freedom with FamilyAs for me, I was someone who didn’t have any money or any time. My idea of time was having weekends off with two weeks of paid vacation, a salary job and accumulated sick days! NO! I am having horror flash backs as we speak. I didn’t consider the fact that I was spending very little quality time with my kids and little to no time with my wife. We were constantly being pulled in several different directions and these directions were usually leading towards getting a little extra income. Something had to change. We deserved time freedom and financial freedom and we wanted it now!

We knew that our financial future wasn’t something that we wanted to be patient about. Time Freedom and financial freedom were not something we felt as being far away and outside of our potential. Plain and simple, our future was and is a very serious matter. It is imminent and should be pursued with vigor.

Time FreedomThat’s the exact same approach that Amy and I have taken for YOUR financial future. We have been showing ambitious, Entrepreneur minded people how to create a lifestyle of complete time and financial freedom! To us, it’s not just about the money! What is all the time in the world without enough money to be able to enjoy that time? Like-wise, what is all the money in the world without the time freedom to enjoy it?

Life is all in the experience of it. It’s about living it in real time, with the ones you care for most in this world. Very few people ever live a life of true freedom. Financial freedom plus time freedom is True Freedom! You deserve to live that life! All you lack is the Opportunity with enough leverage!