Income Opportunity

Throughout my career as an Entrepreneur, I have come to find that there are basically three kinds of income opportunity seekers. Which category do you fall under?

Category #1: The Part-Timer. These are the people who are looking to simply supplement their income. Maybe they just want an little extra spending money or a little buffer for their monthly bills. These people might be looking for that little bit of extra cash flow that will allow them to pay off their debts quicker. Thus, whatever they choose to be will be done in their spare time and will not be their main source of income.

Category #2: The Full-Timer. The ones who fall into this category are seeking to completely replace their current income. Whether they have a job they don’t enjoy or a business that is consuming their time, they just want to replace their current income. So whatever income opportunity they find, they are committed to making it happen but content with just replacing and if possible, will accept an increase in income.

Category #3: The Wealth Builder. I think this one is self explanatory. These people are the BIG thinkers. They aren’t content with a mediocre income or with just simply replacing or staying at the same level. They are builders and will invest the time necessary to make sure their income is increasing. These are the leaders in my income opportunity. These are the ones that are teaching the others in category one and category two how to get what they are looking for and set the pace for other wealth builders. This is the lifestyle change category. These are the ones who reach financial independence and through leverage, have the time to enjoy it.

So which category do you belong to? What are you looking to do? Make a little extra each month, replace your current income or build true wealth?

This is an income opportunity for all three categories….but there’s one thing you should know…..even the wealth builders in category three only work part-time. This opportunity has leverage, leverage over your time so that you can focus on the more important things in life while achieving your financial goals at the same time.

Note: I only work with those who are SERIOUS and know exactly what they want to use the income for! So if you are that person, fill out the contact form below and request more information.

I look forward to speaking with you very soon!