You get the least of what you expect!

February 28th, 2007 | No Comments |

When you picture your ideal lifestyle and your ideal income, what do you picture for yourself? Now, as you picture those things, how do you feel about them? If you have any doubt whatsoever as you think of those things manifesting into your life then you are blocking yourself from receiving. That doubt is your proof that you really don’t believe that you will have the lifestyle you desire. The ability to pursue your dreams with complete and utter confidence is going to lead you directly to your goals. Get rid of the doubt.

You’ll get the least of what you expect

When setting a goal, be very specific. Nine times out of ten you will get the least of what you expect. If you set a goal for this week to get three or four sales, then most likely you will get three. It is all in your head. You get the least of what you expect from yourself. You are, in a way, giving yourself a back door. If you are starting a business with the possibility of failure in mind, chances are higher that you will fail, because failure is lesser than succeeding.

When doing anything, only have one goal in mind, free of doubt, and you will get that goal. Do not allow yourself to settle. Settling will get you nothing but failure. Rid your goals of back doors or easy exits. Get out of your own way and allow prosperity. If you are focusing on the obstacle then you may not be able to see the goal.

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