This is the Onsite Optimization content

What is Onsite Optimization?

Onsite Optimization is the process of preparing your website to be indexed in the search listings. Search engines have software programs called “Spiders” that crawl your site, or read through it, looking for information to use. This information will determine what your site is found for in the search results.

The different areas of onsite optimization are as follows:

  1. The Url or Domain Name – SE friendly URLs, 301 redirects, keywords.
  2. Website Design – Avoid too much flash.
  3. Meta Data
  4. Navigation – Keyword rich, basic html.
  5. Title Tags – H1, H2 etc.
  6. Post and Page Titles – Keyword rich, short as possible.
  7. Keyword Rich Content – 3 – 5%, use bold, italics and link keywords.
  8. Alt Tags
  9. Inter-page Linking – Link keywords of other pages on your site.
  10. Follow and No Follow Attributes – Pages that aren’t important such as ‘contact us’ and ‘thank you’ pages.
  11. Sitemap – comes standard with WP install.
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