Off Site SEO

Off site SEO will take up the bulk of your time and is one of the biggest factors in improving your search engine rankings. To succeed in your SEO campaign, you must be committed. Consistency is the key to success in anything, especially off site SEO.

Below each section, you’ll see an expandable area with useful links and content.

Submission to Search Engines

Offsite SEO 1

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  1. Setup a Google Webmaster Account - Click Here
  2. Setup a Bing Webmaster Account - Click Here

Other Search Engines to submit your website to:

  1. Open Directory
  2. ASR
  3. ScrubTheWeb
  4. EntireWeb
  5. ExactSeek
  6. SearchSight
  7. SecretSELabs
  8. SoMuch
  9. Amfibi
  10. Link Centre
  11. Web World
  12. MasterMOZ
  13. A1WebDirectory
  14. TXT Links
  15. Directory Free
  16. 24/7 Web Directory
  17. Info Tiger
  18. Submit
  19. Skoobe
  20. 1WebsDirectory
  21. SonicRun
  22. Domaining
  23. Wikidweb
  24. GigaBlast
  25. FyberSearch
  26. Info Listings
  27. RDirectory
  28. 9Sites
  29. IS
  30. PiSeries
  31. OneMillionDirectory
  32. Dramba
  33. SurfSafely
  34. Apex
  35. Nuoret
  36. KiwiDir
  37. IllumiRate
  38. BusinessSeek
  39. My Directory Live
  40. Directory Storm
  41. Polypat
  42. W3 Catalog
  43. Synergy Directory
  44. FullLogo
  45. What U Seek
  46. Wondex
  47. Link1 Directory
  48. The Living Link


Intro to Link Building

  1. Explanation of Link Building – How search engines view a link, rate it, give you credit for keywords, give you more authority, page rank.
  2. HTML Links – Show how to link in HTML, title, alt, blank. Give example of where this may be needed.

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Basic HTML Link

<a href=””>Your Key Phrase</a>

Opens in a new window: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Your Key Phrase</a>

Basic HTML for Linking an Image with ALT Tag

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Your Key Phrase”></a>


Link Building

  1. Directories
  2. Articles
  3. Searching in Search Engines
  4. Emailing for Links – Provide copy of email
  5. Link Exchanges – Copy of email
  6. Automation – Steer clear of almost everything that has “automation” connected to it.

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Email Copy for One Way Links


My name is (Your Name) and am responsible for the marketing efforts of the website I’m looking for quality, yet similar websites to place a link on, for SEO and traffic purposes. If you’re open to it, there are many ways we could do this. The most common ways are simple “in-text” links, blog posts or just a plain link in your sidebar or links page.

If you decide that a blog post would be the best way, I’ll write up a guest post with content your readers will benefit from, include a link in the text and send it over for your approval.

I think you have an extremely high quality site would be honored to provide value to your readers.

If your open to it, please reply with what you’d like from me to complete the link.

Thanks a bunch,

(Your Name)

Email Copy for Link Exchanges


My name is David Allred and while searching for quality, relevant sites to link to, I ran into your site I feel a link exchange would be of mutual benefit as our sites share similar topics.

The website you would be linking to is It’s a reputable site with quality content and is powered by wordpress.

My link information is as follows:

Title: (Replace this with your key phrase)


I’m open to the link placement but would prefer an in-text link if possible.

If you’re interested, send me your link information, I’ll place your link on my site within 24-48 hours of getting your email and send you confirmation it.

Thanks for your time once again,

(Your Signature)


Social Presence

  1. Facebook – Likes
  2. Twitter – Retweets
  3. Google+ – Plus buttons
  4. Pinterest
  5. Social Networks
  6. Social Bookmarking – Stumble Upon


  1. Blogging explained
  2. RSS Feeds
  3. Comments – Mostly nofollow, link variety helps (follow vs nofollow).

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Guest Blog Post Email


My name is (Your Name) and am the site owner of The reason for my email is…. I would like to write a guest blog post for your site. I am experienced in (topic of their site) and can provide some quality content that I know your readers would benefit from.

If you’re open to the idea of a guest blogger, please reply to this email with any ideas you’d like me to include in the post. My average post length is between 200 to 500 words and are well written and extremely easy to follow. I like to keep things edgy, helpful and entertaining.

The only thing I ask in return is the ability to place a link to my website within the content of the post.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity.

I look forward to your response.

(Your Signature)


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