What separates the successful and the unsuccessful?

December 5th, 2006 | 1 Comment |

What does separate these two groups of people? Is it a lot? Are there leaps and bounds of differences between those who win and those who lose? I guess most of it depends on who’s competing. You could look at it that way. Only the finest athletes make it to the Olympics, what separates the winners from the losers? In the world of business, how do some continue to get richer while others declare bankruptcy or fail?

Have you ever been doing something that pushed you to your limits to the point where you felt that you may not accomplish the task at hand? That any moment you felt like quiting? You felt like you weren’t getting the results you wanted and to continue would not be worth the effort? And right after you had those feelings you succeed? I have. I have had that exact experience more times in my life than I can remember. As an athlete I participated in High School Track. I was a sprinter and went to state in the 100 yd dash. I was asked to fill in for a buddy of mine in the 1600 meter relay. That was not one of my strongest races, but I knew that I was in the best shape of my life. I was the 3rd leg and when handed the baton, I was dead last, but determined to gain the lead. I started the lap in an all out sprint. I passed the first guy at half lap and continued at a full sprint. Right as I reached the leaders, who were side-by-side, I felt like I was done. My legs were Jello and I was feeling fatigue. Just as I felt I could go no further, I started passing the leaders. I passed the leaders and gained a few seconds over them when passing the baton on to my teammate. Right as I was ready to give up, I succeeded.

I believe that there are many factors that have a part in whether or not you succeed or fail. It is a matter of desire. If you desire your goal the most, chances are you will get it.

I have an awesome video for you. It is called 212 degree movie and it hits home. It starts out by speaking of water. Water at 211 degrees is hot, but the moment it reaches 212, it boils. One degree makes a whole world of difference. One more degree of desire and effort, determines who wins the race.

Check out this video….. http://www.212movie.com

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