What drives you? Fear or Passion?

February 13th, 2007 | No Comments |

Have you ever know someone in your life who was driven by fear in all of their decision making? When faced with an important decision the thought of what might go wrong is the main factor in whether or not they move forward? Most people are just like that. Instead of seeing the great amounts of success they could have or the happiness that would derive from succeeding or making a good, solid choice in the direction of their dreams, they choose to submit to fear. They allow this fear to keep them from their happiness. These people don’t even know it, but they are living life in fear. They fear consequence. Taking responsibility for their own actions is hard.

There is no degree of success that has ever been achieved without the possibility of failure. Failing is not the end of the world. It is an attempt at something great. The only difference between the ones who succeed and the ones who fail is what they do after they fail. They have two options, lay down and stay defeated. Or, try again until success! Abraham Lincoln failed at many attempts to be elected in different political offices throughout his career until he was finally elected President of the Unites States.

Someone who is passion driven will have an unmeasurable amount of success. Decision making and going forward without fear is something that comes easy when you are driven by your dreams. Failure will come more often to those who are driven by fear. That emotion is always lingering in the subconscious, waiting to take control. Don’t allow it. Look forward with confidence and make decisions based on what you want in your heart, not what logic tells you. Logic will not allow you to live your dreams.

Fear is just a frame of mind. Passion radiates from every member of the body and is far more powerful. Live a life of abundance that is fueled by your passion.

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