What does it take to change?

August 26th, 2006 | No Comments |

Change is the most difficult thing in the world to master for most people. The thought of change means stepping out of that comfort zone and when that happens, something just doesn’t feel right. That is the one thing that makes it so hard. Human beings are creatures of habit. In some cases that can be good and in others, not so good.

If it were possible to change one thing in your life…What would that be? How would you go about it? How would your life be different?

Have you ever made a promise to someone and didn’t keep it? Have you ever broken a promise? If not…Congratulations. If you have never broken a promise, I find that very hard to believe. Maybe you’ve kept your promises to other people, but what about to yourself? Have you ever broken a promise to yourself. Why is that so much easier to do?

I’ll tell you one way to change something about yourself. Start keeping your self promises. Make yourself a promise in the morning and keep it all day long. Do this often. You will find that it will be easier to direct your promises towards changing the thing you want to change.

Most of the time when I ask a person what they would change about their life they say, “I’d want to make more money,” or “I’d be wealthy.” What brought them to that point? What might be different if they had changed their way of thinking? Were they poverty conscious or prosperity conscious?

I believe that my actions up to this point in my life have landed me right where I’m at. If I had done things different, it’s obvious that I would be somewhere else. Changing what we do now and how we think today, will have a drastic effect on what happens tomorrow.

Where will you be at next year? Or in 5 years? Still working for someone? Still smoking? Still miserable? Or happy and fulfilled?

The best time to make a decision to change is NOW.

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