The top 9 principles to applying the Law of Attraction!

April 2nd, 2007 | 2 Comments |

1 – Identify your desires

In order to attract your desires, you must have a very strong desire and become passionate about that desire. The Law of Attraction knows if you are truly serious about your goals. If you are just testing it out to see if it works, you have skepticism and the law responds to that. You must have true intentions tied to true feelings in regards to your desires. If you really desire something, you will do what is necessary to obtain it. Get clear on your desire!

2 – Set Goals

Setting goals is necessary to maintain your focus and urgency. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Goals are directly tied to your desires. Whether your goals are materialistic, lifestyle, realationship oriented, they must have a time set in which they will be obtained. Now I know that the Law of Attraction has no time restraints on when it will manisfest itself, but as your focus towards your goal or desire increases, so will your output of energy towards that given goal. Set goals and then set a time by which you will achieve that goal. As you approach the end of your time limit, your focus and energy towards your goal gets more intense. There must be acountability.

3 – Have a goal board/goal cards/written goals.

Get your goal out of your head and put it into reality through picture or writing. Create a goal board and post all the things that relate to your goal right there in front of you. If you desire a mansion, post a picture of the exact mansion you desire where you see it all day long. This will keep it constantly in your mind. Get some cards and write your goals on them and stick them in your wallet or purse. Put a “goal stone” in your pocket. Everytime you reach in your pocket and feel that stone, it will remind you of your desires to achieve your goals.

4 – Set yourself up for deliberate attraction.

This part seems so minor but is essential to keeping your focus and frame of mind in a positive state. For example, if you look in your wallet, and your desire is to create wealth, and you don’t have any money inside, what feelings or thoughts do you get? The Law of Attraction responds to the energy you put out. Now, thoughts are energy and feelings are a reaction from the thoughts you have. If you look into your wallet and see no money, what feeling does that give you? It makes you feel broke! What then are you going to get from the Law of Attraction? More of that feeling. The goal to deliberate attraction is to stay in control of the way you feel and to keep those feelings parallel or correspondent to the what your desire is.

5 – Well what do you want?

When going throughout your day and something happens that you do not like or want in your world, sway your attention away from it and think of what you would like. It is just as simple as that. When you come across something you don’t want or like, ask yourself what you do want or like and your attention, energy and focus will do an immediate shift.

6 – Visualization

Creating the emotions and feelings of already having what you desire is the real key to applying the Law of Attraction. I reference the Law of Attraction to the Be-Do-Have principle quite often. Be the person you want to be first, then you will do the things that person does, and then have the things that person has. A huge part of the “Be” is how you feel. When you acquire the ability to create the feeling of being rich, you will then act as if you are rich. It is the feelings you get that create action towards your desires. Not just mediocre action but strong persistent action. Take the time every day to sit and visualize what you desire. Get clear and specific to the point at which you can feel yourself there. Then, will it come.

7 – Always be in a state of gratitude.

As you start the day in gratitude, you will find that you will get, into your life, more and more to be grateful for. As you appreciate what you have been blessed with and are thankful and grateful for that, you will get more. Just, as in the Bible, those who used their talents instead of hiding them up, were given more. Be grateful for what you have. Notice abundance in everything around you.  

8 – Be an allowing person.

Don’t resist. Allow the Law to work for you. It is a law and is governed by a set of principles. If you do this…..then it, in return, does this. If you fulfill your part then it, in return, fulfills what it has been predicated to do. It has no choice. When you fulfill your part then it happens, but you must be willing and allowing. If it is wealth you desire, you must be willing to accept large somes of money from people over and over again. Allow it. Do away with the poverty mindset and concentrate on wealth. Money comes to you naturally. You are a money magnet. Allow it and it will come.

9 – Always be a person of action.

The Law of Attraction may present itself to you in the form of an opportunity. When you see an opportunity, choose to go forward without fear or doubt. You must have your eyes open. Things do not fall into your lap. The Law of Attraction has the word “action” in it. You must be willing to make choices, and take action towards your desire. Things come to the ones who are moving towards it, not to the sluggish. The wide-receiver that gets the touch-down pass in the one that is moving.

Just remember that what you give your focus and attention to is what you get. Be sure to plan ahead, you are the creator of your life. Design your day to focus on what you desire and you will find that mastering the Law of Attraction will become a habit and you will find yourself in the midst of your dreams.

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