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October 24th, 2012 | No Comments |

Save money on car insuranceSo tell me, which auto insurance commercials do you like the best? Is it the quirky lady with the bright red lipstick, the lizard with the British accent or the famous deep and resounding voice of Dennis Haysbert saying, “Are you in good hands?” It’s amazing how competitive these companies are. But if you think about every household in America paying you an average of $75 to $125 per month for their car insurance, you start to understand why.

To me, it seems like Allstate has the upper hand in their marketing efforts. While Geico and Progressive duke it out over who can save you more money on car insurance, Allstate is establishing themselves as a company that has always been by your side. That speaks to me more than saving $25 bucks a month on my car insurance. However, if that’s a significant amount to you, click here to find the best rates and swing away.

But before you do that, here’s a list of things you can do with that extra $25 you just saved on your car insurance.

  1. Save it for a rainy day. $25 multiplied by twelve months is $300 per year. That would pay for a lot of things, such as your vehicle registration every year, a couple of tires, oil changes or the unexpected trip to the mechanic.
  2. Spend it on food. $25 would pay for a meal for you and that special someone, but just once a month!
  3. Save it for Christmas gifts. Instead of having to go into debt by using your credit card every year, use your car insurance savings for Christmas this next year.
  4. Donate it to your children’s allowance fund in return for washing your car.
  5. Or, if you’re like me, $25 will get you started in a home based business!

Whatever it is you decide to do, if you can save money on your car insurance, you’ll have a lot of uses for those extra funds. The easy thing to do is to let it bleed into the rest of your funds, unnoticed. It would take some serious budgeting and a little planning to wisely utilize that amount for something productive.

If you’ve been able to do something amazing with the funds you’ve saved on car insurance, I’d like to hear it. Leave a comment.

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