It’s what you are….not what you’re not!

July 16th, 2007 | No Comments |

Thoughts are amazing aren’t they? Your mind can think of literally thousands of thoughts at any given moment. You have thoughts when you sleep. Your mind is always running, soaking things in like a sponge. While doing this, it takes in things that you want and also some things that you don’t want. Now, those thoughts are in there. It is up to you to control what you think about from that point on. They say that who you are, or in other words, your character is measured by what your everyday average thoughts and actions are. What do you think about all day long, or just occasionally? Are your thoughts productive or a waste of the effort and time it took to come up with it? The easy part about that is… already know the answer to that question. The hard part is…..are you willing to change it? That, my friend, is what you are.

If you continue in idle thoughts, you limit your growth. Unproductive thinking is the root of failure. Napoleon Hill titled his book “Think and grow rich.” I highly doubt he meant idle thinking. Whether or not you grow rich and successful is all dependent on your level of productive thinking. That is directly tied to your desire to think productively. If you have no desire then you will never become successful and rich. So you see it is very simple, but not easy. The secret to all wealth and success is right inside you. You must make a choice to only listen to the productive thoughts in your head, and to discard the rest. You are powerful. You have more potential than what you are performing at. You just have to learn to train your mind and think differently.

I am so inspired by movies. The drama and action wrapped up into a plot….it all just sucks me in. We just watched Harry Potter at the theatre. What a movie. I enjoyed the whole thing. For Harry, his struggle through the entire show was in his own mind. He was having trouble descerning who he really was. He had evil and distructive thoughts as well as good and uplifting ones. At the end, he had to make a choice. If he dwelled on the evil thoughts, he would have died. But an outside source helped him realize who he was. It is who you are that you must focus on, not who you are not. You get more of what you think about and focus on. So who are you? Are you someone who dwells on what could have happened or who you used to be, or, are you that person who knows who you are? Catch that vision and run with it! Your life will be full of joy and excitement!


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