Get Sharper with GungHo Energy Shots


Gungho Energy Shots

Gungho Energy Shots

What are GungHo Energy Shots?

GungHo gives you more than just longer-lasting energy. GungHo actually increases your capacity to focus and recall stuff – ideal for studying and test taking. Plus it helps you execute a focused work out and with muscle recovery.

How Can I Get FREE GungHo?

For a limited time they are offering a free sample (just pay $1.99 for s&h) or you can buy a box and get one free ($29.99 for 24 shots). Or you can just sign-up (no need to buy anything) and share their funny videos and images with friends via Facebook, twitter or email. For every three of your friends who buy a box, they’ll ship you a box of 12 for free. If six friends buy, they’ll also send you free Skullcandy buds.