David Allred

David Allred

It’s funny when you start getting links coming back to a page that doesn’t even really exist. That’s the case with this page. So, I guess for the sake of SEO, I had better create one. Since the title of this page is David Allred, according to the rules of website optimization, I’ve got to include a certain percentage of the keyword, David Allred in this text.

So, here’s me, David Allred, in entirety. I have a passion for entrepreneurship. I have been a top income earner in the home based business arena as a multiple six figure earner. I have trained thousands of people on stage in countries all around the world. Currently, I am not part of any given company and feel passionate about making my own path.

Five years ago, my wife and I were part of one of the greatest companies in direct sales. We thought this was it….this was our ticket and we were true entrepreneurs completely in charge of our future. We believed that so much all the way up until the time the founders of the company changed EVERYTHING about the company. Soon, bad decisions were made in which my wife and I strongly disagreed with. Suddenly, we weren’t really in control of anything at that point. We hadn’t created anything but a followers mentality. Sure we had learned a ton about ourselves and who we truly were are along the process, but our financial future was still being influenced by more than David Allred. We were part of a business model that still depended wholly upon the choices of the founders of the company and partially upon David Allred’s entrepreneurship skills. These skills consisting of the ability to play all out and duplicate a system. Translation…..a very ambitious “FOLLOWER!”

So now what? That’s the most exciting question in the world! Whatever I want to create. I still believe that making money is incredibly easy if you love what you do. I am an Entrepreneur. I create things out of thin air, or take something that already exists and make it better and more beneficial for the public. I am a servant. I am an online marketer and a blogger. I am the online entrepreneur and an example to all of what is possible when you mingle a little creativity with a ton of ambition.

Roll up your sleeves and expect great things to come your way that will assist you in propelling your online business to the level you know it can become. If you take what you learn on this site to heart, it will.